Saturday, 19 November 2011

CSP Report - 19th November 2011

Chesterfield Street Pastors Report
Saturday 19th November 2011

2 groups of 3 patrolled from 10pm to 3.10 am
3 prayer pastors remained at base for most parts of the shift.

Statistical information
3 pairs of flip-flops were given out
5 bottles of water issued
56 Bottles picked up and made safe.
2 Space blankets provided.
No significant conversations (though what is significant can be quite debateable!)
No calls or requests for help from the cctv or police were had throughout the night.

As is evident from the statisitics above, a fairly quite night was experienced for both teams.

Team one spent the best part of the first shift helping 2 very drunk females find friends and family to assist them home. One was heard to say that she really was'nt that drunk but that she thought we had the "saitience of a paint". (bless her!!)

Team 2 prevented a young man from being run over by a taxi by grabbing him from its path!

Both teams had conversations with regular clients that we meet each week and who are clearly getting to know us.

The second half of the night also remained quiet (as was confirmed by some of the door-men/women and food vendors.)

Team one happened upon a very drunk young lady who was being helped by a unknown member of the public. After vomitting copiously she virtually lost consciousness and the police took the initiative to call for an ambulance. They also had dealings with a very drunk man who appeared to be under the influence of ? some other substance but his friend was heard to say that he was "always like that" and he would ensure that he got home safely.

No fights were witnessed and as a concequence there was no need for any first aid to be given. The mood of the evening was good, the teams worked well together and an enjoyable time was shared.

Team 2 had a request from a christian who would like to explore becoming a Street Pastor.

By 3am the night was pretty cold and foggy and we collectively decided to return to base.