Saturday, 29 October 2011

CSP Report - 29th October 2011

Chesterfield Street Pastors
Report for Saturday29th October 201
Statistical Information

One Team (of 4 Street pastors and an Observer with John Accompanying him) patrolled from 10pm(summer time) to 4am(standard time)
10 pairs of Flip Flops given out.
8 bottles of water given out.
61 bottles/glasses picked up and made safe.
8 first aid dealt with - of which 4 were taken to A & E by ambulance
4 Situation calmed down.
5 Space blankets issued.
66 significant conversations.
3 responses to call from CCTV
1 responses to call from police

Narrative Information
The combination of pay-day and Halloween night made for a very busy night with the town centre packed with reveller in fancy costume. From very early on we found an unusual large amount of discarded bottles, but the first half of the night was good natured with a good atmosphere. However, just before returning to HQ for our cuppa we had our first call from CCTV. From there on it got busy and we could have done with two teams out that night.

It was very helpful having Paul Hartshorn with us as he is a member of the St.Johns ambulance and his extra knowledge and experience helped in a number of instances where other wise we would not have been able to help as much. Some of these occurred when we came across an incident that the police were already attending to and waiting for an ambulance. Paul was able to begin giving first aid and from his experience assess the injuries while awaiting the arrival of the ambulance.

It was while attending to a man who had been glassed in the face, we were called to go to the bottom end of Corporation Street to attend to a young lady on a bench. I decided we would have to split up, leaving Paul and another member of the team, I took a female Street Pastor with me and we went to investigate. On the way, we were requested to go to another incident at the Department Night club. However, we had to tell them that would have to wait (fortunately that was sorted without us).  The young lady in question was very drunk (possible spaced out on something other than Drink). She was incoherent and we were unable to get any useful info from her. She was in a very vulnerable state but door and bar staff were keeping and eye out for her while they waited for use to arrive.

The main problem was getting contact info from her. Her phone was locked and I was on the verge of calling for ambulance, as she was very incoherent, when 2 constables arrived and I asked for their help. They looked in her purse and where able to find her parents phone number. After contacting them they came and collected her. We were very pleased to have got her to safety. It was another example of how we were able to wait for the parents so the police could get on with their work.

On a couple of occasions we had the help of the police in getting  people who were too drunk to say much in a meaningful way and actual get info out of them, and were able to get them home or meet up with friends. It is good to be working as apart of the Night time economy team and we are feeling more apart of that team.

First aid incidents included 2 head injuries one gash to the face, one who had passed out and one swollen ankle. Others were people who were worse for wear from drink.

The Last incident involved finding a young man unconscious in a door way after assessing him, I called 999 and asked for an ambulance. It was the same team that had attended the other incidents and on arriving and finding us there said 'not you again!' - Again, they are getting use to us and it's good to have a bit of banter with them.

On a lighter note, we had to have are pictures taken with a group of young men in witches outfits! A rather surreal moment. We did have plenty of positive feed back from punter who seem to beginning to understand of what we are about.

We met up wit a man who had previously been a church member but had lost contact with. After talking with him team members prayer with him which he very much appreciated. Are hope that this may be a step towards him reconnecting with the church. There were also a couple of occasion of just being someone to talk to and even a shoulder to cry on.

Overall a night were we felt we really had made a difference to some of the individuals we had ministered to. It was very busy and I think we need to think about festival and special times of the year to make sure we have enough teams for those nights: Hopefully we can recruit more volunteers. Certainly we had one door staff complaining we were not there when she had people needing flip flops but we were no where to be seen. Unfortunately we cannot be in two places at once and when you have something like the young woman on the bench, we could not have left until we knew she was safe. This is were a second team comes in; even if they don't have much to do, they are free to move around and do the other stuff ( hand out flip flops etc).