Saturday, 3 September 2011


Chesterfield Street Pastors
Weekly Report 3: Saturday 3rd September 2011

Statistical Information.
One team of five Street Pastors (plus a Reporter from the Derbyshire Times as an observer)

5 Pairs of flip flops issued1 occasion where minor first aid was applied
30 bottles/glasses picked up and made safe
3 situations calmed down
2 requests for prayer
1 space blanket issued
73 significant conversations (means more than just an exchange of greetings)

Narrative Information
We had no calls from CCTV or the police, but had a busy night making ourselves known to people, who asked who we were, looking out for those who might be vulnerable, keeping a look out for potential problems/situations, chatting to and getting to know door staff, duty police, taxi staff and staff in the fast food outlets.

After a fairly quiet start, the night became increasingly busy. Police were called to several scuffles and arguments in Corporation Street but each of these as far as we could tell were swiftly dealt with as we watched nearby.

We assisted two males both of whom were very drunk. One was being sick and was helped by two of the team to clean himself up and then given water. He recovered sufficiently to be escorted round the corner to a taxi and home. The other was watched and chatted to and eventually reunited with his mates who were seeing him home.

We met several young women who had fallen out with boyfriends and in distress. We offered tissues, sympathy and a listening ear and in most instances managed to persuade them to get a taxi home with the accompanying friend. Two girls needed help when they fell while crossing the road. We made sure they got into a taxi safely. Two of the team went to the aid of a visibly distressed young woman who eventually told them she had fallen out with her boyfriend who was standing with her. They gave her tissues and stayed with her until two other friends came looking for her.One young woman was given first aid and flip flops for a cut foot.

We had many worthwhile conversations during the night particularly during the second half. Some wanted to talk about faith and we answered a wide range of questions as we were able. Generally people were having a good night and it being warm, large groups were happy to hang out on the street chatting to us with good natured banter. We gave out countless lollies as usual. Michael, the reporter from the Derbyshire Times was warmly received and had some positive conversations and photo opportunities!

Food and taxi outlets
We popped in to chat briefly with the fast food staff and gave out a few lollies to staff on the phones in the taxi offices. We felt some good relationships were beginning to be built up especially as we had used their services.
It was a good night. Again we were impressed at the team spirit that exists among the various nighttime economy staff and felt privileged to share in it for the good of our community.