Saturday, 24 September 2011


Chesterfield Street Pastors
Report for 24th September 2011

Statistical Information
Two Teams (of 3 and 4 Street pastors) patrolled from 10pm to 3.30am

13 pairs of Flip Flops given out.
9 bottles of water given out.
41 bottles/glasses picked up and made safe.
2 first aid dealt with - one miner cut to forehead other to semi unconscious man who was taken to A & E by ambulance
1 Situation calmed down.
3 Space blankets issued.
47 significant conversations.
1 response to call from CCTV
2 response to call from police

Narrative Information.
The town centre was busy with a warm night but we found it surprisingly quite with people minding there own business and not seeming to be very interactive with us. However, on counting up the significant conversations I was surprised at the total. The first half of the night had us encounter a group of women who requested flip flops, were very exited at getting them with lollipops, one saying she would write about us on face book.

Help was also given to a number of people who were sick, with water and tissues being issued to them.

The second half was different again with much action in the different situations we found our selves in. Helen's team had their tea break cut short with a call to a man who was found on a bench outside of Trust Information Office and in need of assistance. He asked the Street Pastors to get his uncle who worked in a near by bar. This they did and he came and took him home.

They then met a young man who  had previously had a row at home where the police had had to removed him from the home situation . He was a Roman Catholic and indicated he needed some spiritual support. Prayer was offered and he accepted this.

They then had to deal with a young man who was found in the Church grave yard unable to stand. They put him into the recovery position, tried to ascertain where he lived and who they could contact to get some relative or friend to come and collect him. Unfortunately while he could talk a little he was unaware where he was and his phone had run out of battery power. They decided to try to get him on his feet, this was partially successful and they got him in to the main street where he collapsed again. By this time they were joined by the community safety officer who called for an ambulance, they found him to be suffering from hypothermia and took him to A & E.

We found ourselves handing out water to those worst for wear. One of these was a young lady outside a taxi office waiting with her friends for a taxi. However, she was sick and one of our female Pastors sat with her and helped comfort her. Unfortunately all of a sudden one of her male friends kicked off complaining at the Taxi staff that it was not fair that they where not allowing them to use their taxis. This took us by surprise at the speed of the this, but this was spotted by a community safety officer and reported to the Uniform police who arrived swiftly and the situation calmed down.

We also had a lady ask us to check out another female who she had spotted was very upset and in tears. We proceeded to look for her and after finding who we thought she was, found that she had calmed down and was getting her self a sandwich from a vendor: we did not pursue any further. However, it is good that the general public are beginning to know who we are and what we are about.

Overall it was a good night with plenty of positive reactions from the general public with people coming up to us and either thanking us or telling us we were doing a good job. From the little things like just giving tissues and water to some who is being sick to the more serious incidents where an ambulance is needed, we are making a difference.

In some of the incidents we found ourselves in, we were very much 'learning on the Job'. I would like to say Helen and her team did extremely well in a new and difficult situation with the young man in the grave yard who had been abandon by his friends to his fate which had it not been for the Street Pastors (and other agencies) could well have been fatal.