Saturday, 17 September 2011


Chesterfield Street Pastors
Weekly Report 5: Saturday 17th September 2011

Statistical information
One Team of three Street Pastor patrolled from 10pm - 3.30am
  • 8 pairs of flip flops issued
  • 2 bottles of water given out
  • 25 bottles/glasses picked up and made safe
  • 1 occasion of first aid was applied
  • 2 situations calmed down
  • 2 space blankets issued
  • 36 significant conversations
Narrative information
We didn't have any calls from CCTV or the police, but lots of opportunity to build on the relationships with door staff ,taxi and food outlets, we kept a look out for any potential problems and for people who may be vulnerable.

Within minutes of beginning our shift an older male on Stephenson Place called us over for help, he said he had drunken too much and needed to get home, he was worried he had missed his last bus , he shared with us that he had only three days previously been discharged from hospital suffering an angina/possible heart attack, we waited with him and pointed out and escorted him to the bus when it appeared, he thanked us for our help

Shortly after we came across a young man who was sat on the floor outside Gregg's, We asked the young lady with him if she needed any assistance, she said she had called her father who was on his way to pick them both up, We assisted her to get the young man to Knifesmithgate and stayed with them until her father arrived, During the forty minute wait the young woman began to get anxious and irritable and the young man was sick a couple of times we helped clean him up and gave him water and a space blanket as he appeared to be getting cold, Their father thanked us for assisting and  waiting with them.

Later in the evening we came across a young man with a badly cut/bleeding hand with a group of friends who appeared to be angry about a couple of things, one being annoyed at door staff in the bar they had been asked to leave from and the second that the ambulance they had called had not arrived,  We tried to calm the situation, reassure the group and  the injured man he was safe and not in any  immediate danger and that  the ambulance would come when  it was available, We put an additional dressing on the bleeding hand and gave reassurance to his distressed friends after the young man was taken to A&E in the ambulance.

Overall a much quieter night for the Street Pastors team, it is clear that more people are beginning to recognize who we are,  lots of conversations taking place about the work we do as well as their worries and anxieties, we are also finding that people are beginning to ask for practical help and assistance.