Saturday, 10 September 2011


Chesterfield Street Pastors
Weekly Report 4: Saturday 10th September 2011

Statistical Information:
Two teams of three Street Pastors patrolled from 10:00PM – 04:00AM   SP1  &  SP2
  • 7 Pairs of flip flops issued
  • 34 bottles/glasses picked up and made safe
  • 8 situations calmed down
  • 2 space blanket issued
  • 72 significant conversations
Narrative Information:
Working with Paramedic & Uniformed Officers

1  Whilst SP2 were following up a contact for girl with *lost handbag they were called over to a young girl having a panic attack in the churchyard area. Her friend called for paramedic assistance and was panicking, meanwhile the patient’s mother turned up to be with her.

SPs calmed patient and friend as Paramedics and Uniform joined them, left professionals in charge to return to duties.

2  Control called asking for SPs to respond to a vulnerable young lady being accosted by young male in the churchyard area. SP2 responded and met two Uniformed officers who handed over a female in distress having lost her friends and awaiting family from Mansfield.

The young lady was comforted and revealed that one of her friends suspected spiking of her drinks. SPs accompanied her across town to meet up with family and handed over safely.

3  An officer met SP1 in Cavendish St. and asked to give assistance to a young lady who was intoxicated and lying in the road. On arrival found she had recovered sufficiently and was reunited with friends.

Once again, after a fairly quiet start the town became increasing busy. Beginning as usual with the Pubs on St Mary’s Gate, we talked with Door, Fast Food and Taxi office staff and gave out lollies before they became too busy. We had many conversations re the Derbyshire Times article with people approaching us even from within clubs to chat.

The night was very different to the previous week with Uniform being regularly called out to many incidents. There was a lot of tension and volatile behaviour.

One young lady fell on her face from high shoes and was given attention including flip flops.

Young lady in distress outside the Museum was missing her handbag with phone which was in the possession of her sister she had fallen out with. One team went to negotiate* on her behalf and reunited her with her belongings whilst the other team comforted her. The situation was calmed when the sisters met and the distressed female was taken to catch a cab home.

Attended two distressed females on Corporation St. both cold and missing a companion who had wandered off 30 mins previously. Both teams got involved as two SPs liased with husband in car park whilst others searched for missing female, Uniform interviewed the lead female and put out a CCT call. A space blanket was issued to one person and onlookers were moved on.

The missing female turned up after a further 30mins and was reunited with friends. Emotions were running high so they were encouraged to go home, get warm and talk in the morning.

Whilst the above happened the searching SPs found a distressed couple in road leading to DT offices, the female was led away to give them both space and the male was comforted by two of the team whilst the female sought comfort in a nearby club, door staff were informed.

A self discharged patient was escorted in the direction of the rail station to go home to Sheffield.

Over the evening several potentially volatile situations were watched and calmed.

Inebriated mature lady accompanied to taxi rank to be taken home to Brimmington.

We are beginning to meet up with familiar faces and relationships built from previous Saturdays.

Our paths crossed with John, Kate and Jane on several occasions who all had a very busy night with various situations.

The teams worked well together cooperating as you see above with various incidents, it was felt to be a busy but worthwhile night.