Saturday, 24 September 2011


Chesterfield Street Pastors
Report for 24th September 2011

Statistical Information
Two Teams (of 3 and 4 Street pastors) patrolled from 10pm to 3.30am

13 pairs of Flip Flops given out.
9 bottles of water given out.
41 bottles/glasses picked up and made safe.
2 first aid dealt with - one miner cut to forehead other to semi unconscious man who was taken to A & E by ambulance
1 Situation calmed down.
3 Space blankets issued.
47 significant conversations.
1 response to call from CCTV
2 response to call from police

Narrative Information.
The town centre was busy with a warm night but we found it surprisingly quite with people minding there own business and not seeming to be very interactive with us. However, on counting up the significant conversations I was surprised at the total. The first half of the night had us encounter a group of women who requested flip flops, were very exited at getting them with lollipops, one saying she would write about us on face book.

Help was also given to a number of people who were sick, with water and tissues being issued to them.

The second half was different again with much action in the different situations we found our selves in. Helen's team had their tea break cut short with a call to a man who was found on a bench outside of Trust Information Office and in need of assistance. He asked the Street Pastors to get his uncle who worked in a near by bar. This they did and he came and took him home.

They then met a young man who  had previously had a row at home where the police had had to removed him from the home situation . He was a Roman Catholic and indicated he needed some spiritual support. Prayer was offered and he accepted this.

They then had to deal with a young man who was found in the Church grave yard unable to stand. They put him into the recovery position, tried to ascertain where he lived and who they could contact to get some relative or friend to come and collect him. Unfortunately while he could talk a little he was unaware where he was and his phone had run out of battery power. They decided to try to get him on his feet, this was partially successful and they got him in to the main street where he collapsed again. By this time they were joined by the community safety officer who called for an ambulance, they found him to be suffering from hypothermia and took him to A & E.

We found ourselves handing out water to those worst for wear. One of these was a young lady outside a taxi office waiting with her friends for a taxi. However, she was sick and one of our female Pastors sat with her and helped comfort her. Unfortunately all of a sudden one of her male friends kicked off complaining at the Taxi staff that it was not fair that they where not allowing them to use their taxis. This took us by surprise at the speed of the this, but this was spotted by a community safety officer and reported to the Uniform police who arrived swiftly and the situation calmed down.

We also had a lady ask us to check out another female who she had spotted was very upset and in tears. We proceeded to look for her and after finding who we thought she was, found that she had calmed down and was getting her self a sandwich from a vendor: we did not pursue any further. However, it is good that the general public are beginning to know who we are and what we are about.

Overall it was a good night with plenty of positive reactions from the general public with people coming up to us and either thanking us or telling us we were doing a good job. From the little things like just giving tissues and water to some who is being sick to the more serious incidents where an ambulance is needed, we are making a difference.

In some of the incidents we found ourselves in, we were very much 'learning on the Job'. I would like to say Helen and her team did extremely well in a new and difficult situation with the young man in the grave yard who had been abandon by his friends to his fate which had it not been for the Street Pastors (and other agencies) could well have been fatal.

Saturday, 17 September 2011


Chesterfield Street Pastors
Weekly Report 5: Saturday 17th September 2011

Statistical information
One Team of three Street Pastor patrolled from 10pm - 3.30am
  • 8 pairs of flip flops issued
  • 2 bottles of water given out
  • 25 bottles/glasses picked up and made safe
  • 1 occasion of first aid was applied
  • 2 situations calmed down
  • 2 space blankets issued
  • 36 significant conversations
Narrative information
We didn't have any calls from CCTV or the police, but lots of opportunity to build on the relationships with door staff ,taxi and food outlets, we kept a look out for any potential problems and for people who may be vulnerable.

Within minutes of beginning our shift an older male on Stephenson Place called us over for help, he said he had drunken too much and needed to get home, he was worried he had missed his last bus , he shared with us that he had only three days previously been discharged from hospital suffering an angina/possible heart attack, we waited with him and pointed out and escorted him to the bus when it appeared, he thanked us for our help

Shortly after we came across a young man who was sat on the floor outside Gregg's, We asked the young lady with him if she needed any assistance, she said she had called her father who was on his way to pick them both up, We assisted her to get the young man to Knifesmithgate and stayed with them until her father arrived, During the forty minute wait the young woman began to get anxious and irritable and the young man was sick a couple of times we helped clean him up and gave him water and a space blanket as he appeared to be getting cold, Their father thanked us for assisting and  waiting with them.

Later in the evening we came across a young man with a badly cut/bleeding hand with a group of friends who appeared to be angry about a couple of things, one being annoyed at door staff in the bar they had been asked to leave from and the second that the ambulance they had called had not arrived,  We tried to calm the situation, reassure the group and  the injured man he was safe and not in any  immediate danger and that  the ambulance would come when  it was available, We put an additional dressing on the bleeding hand and gave reassurance to his distressed friends after the young man was taken to A&E in the ambulance.

Overall a much quieter night for the Street Pastors team, it is clear that more people are beginning to recognize who we are,  lots of conversations taking place about the work we do as well as their worries and anxieties, we are also finding that people are beginning to ask for practical help and assistance.

Saturday, 10 September 2011


Chesterfield Street Pastors
Weekly Report 4: Saturday 10th September 2011

Statistical Information:
Two teams of three Street Pastors patrolled from 10:00PM – 04:00AM   SP1  &  SP2
  • 7 Pairs of flip flops issued
  • 34 bottles/glasses picked up and made safe
  • 8 situations calmed down
  • 2 space blanket issued
  • 72 significant conversations
Narrative Information:
Working with Paramedic & Uniformed Officers

1  Whilst SP2 were following up a contact for girl with *lost handbag they were called over to a young girl having a panic attack in the churchyard area. Her friend called for paramedic assistance and was panicking, meanwhile the patient’s mother turned up to be with her.

SPs calmed patient and friend as Paramedics and Uniform joined them, left professionals in charge to return to duties.

2  Control called asking for SPs to respond to a vulnerable young lady being accosted by young male in the churchyard area. SP2 responded and met two Uniformed officers who handed over a female in distress having lost her friends and awaiting family from Mansfield.

The young lady was comforted and revealed that one of her friends suspected spiking of her drinks. SPs accompanied her across town to meet up with family and handed over safely.

3  An officer met SP1 in Cavendish St. and asked to give assistance to a young lady who was intoxicated and lying in the road. On arrival found she had recovered sufficiently and was reunited with friends.

Once again, after a fairly quiet start the town became increasing busy. Beginning as usual with the Pubs on St Mary’s Gate, we talked with Door, Fast Food and Taxi office staff and gave out lollies before they became too busy. We had many conversations re the Derbyshire Times article with people approaching us even from within clubs to chat.

The night was very different to the previous week with Uniform being regularly called out to many incidents. There was a lot of tension and volatile behaviour.

One young lady fell on her face from high shoes and was given attention including flip flops.

Young lady in distress outside the Museum was missing her handbag with phone which was in the possession of her sister she had fallen out with. One team went to negotiate* on her behalf and reunited her with her belongings whilst the other team comforted her. The situation was calmed when the sisters met and the distressed female was taken to catch a cab home.

Attended two distressed females on Corporation St. both cold and missing a companion who had wandered off 30 mins previously. Both teams got involved as two SPs liased with husband in car park whilst others searched for missing female, Uniform interviewed the lead female and put out a CCT call. A space blanket was issued to one person and onlookers were moved on.

The missing female turned up after a further 30mins and was reunited with friends. Emotions were running high so they were encouraged to go home, get warm and talk in the morning.

Whilst the above happened the searching SPs found a distressed couple in road leading to DT offices, the female was led away to give them both space and the male was comforted by two of the team whilst the female sought comfort in a nearby club, door staff were informed.

A self discharged patient was escorted in the direction of the rail station to go home to Sheffield.

Over the evening several potentially volatile situations were watched and calmed.

Inebriated mature lady accompanied to taxi rank to be taken home to Brimmington.

We are beginning to meet up with familiar faces and relationships built from previous Saturdays.

Our paths crossed with John, Kate and Jane on several occasions who all had a very busy night with various situations.

The teams worked well together cooperating as you see above with various incidents, it was felt to be a busy but worthwhile night.

Saturday, 3 September 2011


Prayer Walk 2011

Courtesy of DerbyChurchNet - One Church, Serving Derbyshire


Chesterfield Street Pastors
Weekly Report 3: Saturday 3rd September 2011

Statistical Information.
One team of five Street Pastors (plus a Reporter from the Derbyshire Times as an observer)

5 Pairs of flip flops issued1 occasion where minor first aid was applied
30 bottles/glasses picked up and made safe
3 situations calmed down
2 requests for prayer
1 space blanket issued
73 significant conversations (means more than just an exchange of greetings)

Narrative Information
We had no calls from CCTV or the police, but had a busy night making ourselves known to people, who asked who we were, looking out for those who might be vulnerable, keeping a look out for potential problems/situations, chatting to and getting to know door staff, duty police, taxi staff and staff in the fast food outlets.

After a fairly quiet start, the night became increasingly busy. Police were called to several scuffles and arguments in Corporation Street but each of these as far as we could tell were swiftly dealt with as we watched nearby.

We assisted two males both of whom were very drunk. One was being sick and was helped by two of the team to clean himself up and then given water. He recovered sufficiently to be escorted round the corner to a taxi and home. The other was watched and chatted to and eventually reunited with his mates who were seeing him home.

We met several young women who had fallen out with boyfriends and in distress. We offered tissues, sympathy and a listening ear and in most instances managed to persuade them to get a taxi home with the accompanying friend. Two girls needed help when they fell while crossing the road. We made sure they got into a taxi safely. Two of the team went to the aid of a visibly distressed young woman who eventually told them she had fallen out with her boyfriend who was standing with her. They gave her tissues and stayed with her until two other friends came looking for her.One young woman was given first aid and flip flops for a cut foot.

We had many worthwhile conversations during the night particularly during the second half. Some wanted to talk about faith and we answered a wide range of questions as we were able. Generally people were having a good night and it being warm, large groups were happy to hang out on the street chatting to us with good natured banter. We gave out countless lollies as usual. Michael, the reporter from the Derbyshire Times was warmly received and had some positive conversations and photo opportunities!

Food and taxi outlets
We popped in to chat briefly with the fast food staff and gave out a few lollies to staff on the phones in the taxi offices. We felt some good relationships were beginning to be built up especially as we had used their services.
It was a good night. Again we were impressed at the team spirit that exists among the various nighttime economy staff and felt privileged to share in it for the good of our community.