Saturday, 27 August 2011


Chesterfield Street Pastors
Weekly Report 2– Saturday 27th August 2011

Statistical Information
Two teams of 4 Street Pastors patrolled from 10pm to 3am

10 Pairs of flip flops issued
3 bottles of water supplied
2 occasions where minor first aid was applied
3 calls from CCTV responded to
1 call from police responded to
19 bottles/glasses picked up and made safe
4 situations calmed down
2 requests for prayer
1 space blanket issued
75 significant conversations (means more than just an exchange of greetings)

Narrative Information
It was a very quiet night in Chsterfield with remarkably few people out.  This might be why we had more conversations and got to know some characters better throughout the night, as there was time and space to do this.

Calls from CCTV/police

Two of the calls were in respect to young men who were under the influence of drink to the extent that some assistance was required to get them into a situation where they could be looked after by friends and got transport home. In another instance the young man had a group of friends who were already organising transport home for him and successfully managed the situation without any assistance. In the other incident the person concerned was well known to the police and while we provided some support such as keeping an eye on him while he 'slept' heavily and issuing a space blanket to keep him warm, he needed attention from a paramedic and we were not going to be able to move him or help further.

Other incidents

There were a number of people who had clearly had a lot to drink, some of whom had some water to 'recover' with.  In these instances we either sat with the person until he/she recovered enough to care for him/herself, ensuring that accompanying friends were willing and capable to assist the subject and keep them safe or helped to provide physical support to get the subject into a taxi with friends.  We also tried to help some people who had lost their keys to identify what they could do to help themselves.

Calming situations
We had three situations where we helped to calm situations, either acting as a distraction so that one person calmed down enough to avoid a controntation, reasoning with someone and encouraging them to leave a potential quarrel alone or  just let others go past who they had previously argued with, rather than going with them and arguing again. 

In one of these situations we had been trying to calm one young man (with a small group of friends) who had clearly had too much to drink and was having an on going quarrel with another young man, but was responding to calming from us. But this was then joined by three young women having a disagreement, which he joined in, which looked likely to escalate very quickly and was of a quite different nature. A street pastor approached a police officer at this point (as he was very close but looking into a club so unaware of this) to draw his attention to the situation that was developing and needed to be handled by the police.

Once the police had arrested one of the young women who was not responding even to their requests for her to leave the others and stop the agument, we were able to encourage the small group we had been trying to calm, to get their taxi home, which they did.

Food and taxi outlets
We called in on the staff in the fast food outlets and the taxi offices or waved at people we had spoken to last week who were busy with customers.  Fat Sams staff said that the would like to be linked to the radio network as they often had problems later at night.  We were unsure whether they had talked about this with the night time economy manager or not.

There was a heavy shower of rain around 2.15am which moved people off the street and we concluded that we should end our patrol at 3am rather than 4am.

We recognised that we are still getting to know people and how things work, but we felt that we had a good second night out. We were happy that we were deployed to or came across incidents where we could be of assistance and pleased to be a part of the partnership approach. We continued to be impressed by the way all the agencies worked together for the common good and pleased to be a part of that team.