Saturday, 20 August 2011


Chesterfield Street Pastors  
Weekly Report 1– Saturday 20th August 2011
Statistical Information

Two teams of 3 Street Pastors patrolled from 10pm to 3am

14 Pairs of flip flops issued

10 bottles of water supplied

5 occasions where minor first aid was applied
6 calls from CCTV responded to
2 calls from police responded to
5 bottles/glasses picked up and made safe
2 situations calmed down
1 request for prayer
2 space blankets issued
62 significant conversations (means more than just an exchange of greetings)

Narrative Information

Working with paramedic
We were called to Corporation Street outside Envy to assist with a drunken male. We arrived shortly after the paramedic and assisted him. The subject was vomiting when we arrived, but then drifted into a semi-conscious state. Two (female) members of the team cleaned up the subject and provided care to him whilst the paramedic carried out his tests on the patient. The patient’s mates took exception to the paramedics approach and verbally assaulted him. The third member of the team (male) intervened and eventually calmed them down. The patient was taken to hospital by ambulance after about 15 to 20 minutes. The paramedic and the mates of the patient expressed their thanks.

Calls from CCTV/police

Virtually all the calls were in respect of people who were under the influence of drink/drugs to the extent that some assistance was required to get them into a situation where they would be looked after by friends and/or got transport home. Each incident was successfully concluded and the methods included; helping to provide physical support to get the subject into a taxi with friends, sitting with the subject whilst he/she recovered enough to care for him/herself, ensuring that accompanying friends were willing and capable to assist the subject and keep them safe.

Food and taxi outlets

We made ourselves known to the staff in the fast food outlets and the taxi offices and got the feeling that they valued our presence which would happen every Saturday night from now onwards.


There was a heavy shower of rain around 2am which moved people off the street. Our estimates after conversations with the door staff along Corporation Street  around 2.30am was that there may be around 600 person left in the late night premises and we concluded that we should end our patrol at 3am rather than 4am.

We felt that we had a good first night out. We were happy that we were deployed to incidents where we could be of assistance and pleased to be a part of the partnership approach. We were impressed by the way all the agencies worked together for the common good and pleased to be a part of that team.