Tuesday, 21 June 2011


The Feeding
Sunday 3rd July, Stand Park, Whittington Moor
A Feast of Family Food and Fun! 2:30pm - 4:00pm

Featuring music, bouncy castle, parachute games, gospel magic, clowns, team games and more! Contact Mike Dalby on 07940 150171 for more details.

Sunday, 19 June 2011


Vivienne Neville sings live at New Life Church
Sunday 26th June, 10:30am at the Winding Wheel, Holywell Street

Beautifully inspired, gentle music in the Celtic style that will bring you into God's peace.

Little did Vivienne know that the rough EP she recorded with a friend would make it all the way to the States.

This time she's back with full album, Veiled in Mystery. With an ethereal cathedral echo the album creates a meditative atmosphere - perfect for a mood of contemplation. While simplifiied lyrics preach spiritual enlightenment and give texture to emotions of true love and heartbreak. In Celtic Saints Prayer Vivienne gives the impression of deep mysteries being explored, whilst the Celtic feel gives it an over-worldly sound.

In the vein of Moya Brennan, Vivienne creates images of dark natural beauty, rushing seas and quivering forests, where God looks at you from behind every rock and leaf. Veiled in Mystery is a truly calming and spiritual listen, fantastic to unwind with after a hard day.

Everyone welcome. For more information contact
Dave Bunting on 01246 200768.

Saturday, 18 June 2011


A Hymn Festival
St John's Parish Church, Newbold
at 4.00pm on Sunday 10th July

All are cordially invited to St John’s, Newbold, to sing from the new hymnal SING PRAISE published last autumn by Hymns Ancient & Modern and the Royal School of Church Music. We have recently adopted this hymn book at our church. SING PRAISE is a collection of 330 mostly modern hymns and songs of real quality-some of which have become well-known and loved in recent years such as ‘Hear I am Lord’, ‘Christ triumphant’, ‘Lord, for the years’ and ‘Christ, be our light’. It is intended as a supplement to the traditional hymn books in regular use in our churches. Many of our best contemporary hymn writers are represented including Timothy Dudley-Smith, Christopher Idle, Fred Pratt Green, Bernadette Farrell, Alan Gaunt, Martin Leckebusch, Graham Kendrick and John Bell. Musically, the book has been edited to a high standard, with both established tunes and new offerings, by John Barnard, the Musical Advisor and a member of the Editorial Committee of SING PRAISE.

Anne Harrison, Chair of the Editorial Committee of SING PRAISE and John Barnard, have accepted our invitation to attend and share something of how and why this new hymnal came into being. Anne, who also coordinates the RSCM’s quarterly planner Sunday by Sunday, will give us some background and introduce a number of the hymns. John, probably our foremost hymn-tune composer and best known for the tune ‘Guiting Power’ sung to ‘Christ triumphant’, will accompany the uplifting hymns which we have chosen. It will be an ideal opportunity to learn about this inspiring resource for worship and to gain a deeper understanding of the hymns that we sing.

The Order of Service will contain the music for those who wish to sing in harmony. Refreshments will be served afterwards in the Parish Room. All are invited. We would like this to be a special occasion. (The service will finish in plenty of time for those with evening worship commitments to get to their respective churches.) If you have any queries, or need further information, please contact Canon Nigel Johnson or Jim Dickinson on 01246 551370.