Tuesday, 22 February 2011


This is Derbyshire - 22 February 2011

A project to help late night revellers stay safe and get help and support if they need it is being launched in Chesterfield tomorrow.

The Street Pastor Project is being launched at Chesterfield Town Hall.

Each project is set up by the Ascension Trust and is run by a local coordinator with support from the trust, local churches and community groups in partnership with organisations such as the police and council.

Churches in Chesterfield have already joined together to plan a street pastors initiative, with four different denominations involved.

Chesterfield Community Safety Partnership has given £2,000 of the £12,000 needed to set up the project – the churches are finding the rest.

In Chesterfield a minimum of four street pastors will work in the town centre every Saturday night from 10pm to 4am, chatting to people, listening, talking and helping to keep the peace. Before starting, the volunteers will undergo intensive training, covering everything from first aid and youth provision to drug awareness and offensive weapons.