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Catch up on New Wine Festival On-line. 

Church In The Peak Festival 18-20th AUGUST 9:30-11:00 

There will be music, games, crafts, competitions, prizes. There will also be singing, worship, Bible stories and some going-deeper Bible studies with Barry Killick. Join us on Facebook on 18th August, or register below for more details. The Facebook event can be found at:


Everyone, in churches or not, are awaiting the latest government guidance about what we should or should not do. Like Armageddon of old? 

The Spire and Annunciation churches are both managing to function for some services. The Spire is open during day time as usual. Well done! But most 'places of worship' are unwilling or unable to 'congregate'. Somehow we are managing, and hopefully caring for those who can't or won't join up through the magic of Zoom. (other makes are available) We face the challenge of 'doing the Lord's business' nonetheless and of discerning how that 'business' is changing and will change. 

Have you filled in the questionnaire we sent a month ago? That would help us to know, for instance, whether to pursue the possibility of some special funding from AllChurches and Cinnamon Trusts. What seems sure is that 'helping agencies' of one sort and another, are very busy. 

I rang Victim Support on behalf of one needy family, where a young man was mugged. And there was the tragic story in the Derbyshire Times of a 40 years old Dad suddenly dying when minding the children, with mum out at work in a Care Home.... 'Jesus wept'. And so do we sometimes, through what we have and have not done, and what we can and cannot do.

 In Christ 

Paul King - Chair

Monday, 20 July 2020


The management team for the Chesterfield Nightshelter met in June to find out the results of last winter and to look at this year. 

In total we had 128 guests through the door, 29 of them didn’t stay overnight, just came for food or company. 99 guests stayed overnight, 82 of them identified as male and 17 as female 15 guests stayed for just 1 night, 50 guests stayed 5 nights or less (this included the 15 above). 

At time of closing we knew of 20 guests we had helped into accommodation, then Pathways gave us feedback on a further 17 guests being housed. Of the 99 guests accessed for at least one night, 50 stayed 5 nights or less, which leaves 49, and of these 37 were housed, which is an amazing result for the shelter. Only 2 guests stayed more than half the nights, and the most nights someone stayed was 75 nights, and he was housed towards the end, the other guest we are not sure of his whereabouts. 

We had an amazing 193 volunteers give their time which is awesome, 4 overnight staff, and a project manager. 

We appreciate the shelter last winter didn’t end as we would have wanted it to, we had the arrival of Coronavirus which meant we had to close the shelter a week earlier than we had planned to given advice from national and local government. 

Last month a National Meeting was held (via Zoom) hosted by Housing Justice, MHCLG (The government department responsilble for housing and homelessness amongst other things) and Public Health England. The purpose of the meeting, was to look at whether in the current climate nightshelters should be considered. Although there has been no formal guidance been issued the message from this meeting is that nightshelters should not be considered for the foreseeable future and this was for a number of reasons:
 - Shared air space- guests would be breathing in the same air space, along with volunteers and staff. Guests would be doing this for up to 12 hours.
 - Toilet and washing facilities should ideally be 1 person to 1 bathroom as hotels have provided, but as per a residential setting PHE recommend a maximum of 4 people to 1 bathroom. 
- Transient group, many shelters have different people staying each night, this would make it difficult to manage the risks of transference further. 

But sadly the likelihood is there will not be a shelter in Chesterfield this coming winter, as it will most likely be the case in other towns and cities around the country. But we are in conversation with the local authority to see what alternative solutions could be offered, whilst keeping guests, volunteers and staff all safe. I know this will come as a disappointment but we need to follow advice and keep everyone safe, we will be praying for a good outcome, that the homeless of Chesterfield are cared for and looked after as they have been over the winter and as they were over the Covid 19 period. 

Hope House homeless provision project is back on track hopefully for Dec 2020 opening. Trustees welcome all offers of support, financial or practical, and invite those interested in the project to contact the charity through their website, 
or by calling (07307) 201718. 


Since the Sleep Out for Pathways was cancelled at the Chesterfield Football Ground it was rearranged for individuals and families to sleep out in their own gardens. Many did and over £6,000 has been raised to help the work with the homeless here in Chesterfield. 

It was a warm night with not much sleeping but certainly worthwhile, nothing can really replicate the awful conditions some of their clients have to endure. Some volunteers slept without a tent in sleeping bags but had to find shelter at 4:00 am when the rain started in earnest. 

The money raised will secure finances for tents, sleeping bags, or towards a workers salary. 

Siane, the manager, and the team at Pathways are very grateful for all the participants taking part and raising such a wonderful amount. 


Hello everybody, 

Thank you to those who joined our AGM Forum on June 1st.     God bless you all, especially in the present circumstances. Hopefully you will have received information and a questionnaire (Word & PDF), pertaining to how your churches/organisations respond to people suffering from mental health issues. If this information can be returned by the beginning of August it would be much appreciated. 

This month we see the retirement of the Rev. Julie Minns and her husband Richard. We think of Julie, apart from her Methodist Circuit duties, taking quite a role in the Good Friday Walk of Witness, in the Whit Walk and the various Songs of Praise, especially when there were vacancies in other congregations. The town and the circuit are very grateful to Richard for his sterling work, especially at Pathways and in the Nightshelter Management group, he helped much in the beginning and then throughout the two winters the nightshelter has functioned. 

 I must pass on some words that I stumbled across when googling as recommended by John Naughton in the Observer.: 

‘Moses was the first person with a tablet downloading data from the cloud’ 

 Paul King - Chair

Monday, 11 May 2020


Cliff College - Festival 2020 Fri 22nd - Mon 25th May 

Festival is an annual event at Cliff College, where you can normally spend time on God’s holy ground, learning from His word and worshipping together. As everything at present this has been cancelled but replaced by a Virtual Festival.

See website here for details.

FAH FB Cover copy"You are invited to Festival at Home, a free-to-access online festival taking place from May 22nd to 25th 2020. We'll be streaming live and pre-recorded Bible studies, seminars, workshops, preaching, worship and music straight to your home all weekend. Our speakers include Rev Dr Billy Abraham, Professor Evelyn Parker and Dr Miguel A. De La Torre; our worship leaders include Sam Taylor and Josh Gillam. We'll also have some all-age worship and activities every day."

Here are some of the ways you can get involved with Festival at Home

1. Website

On this website you will be able to access live content, see the full programme and find downloads from our speakers.

2. Festival at Home Facebook Group

The Facebook group will be the place we stream to, where we post updates throughout the weekend and where we build community around the festival. Join here.

3. Festival at Home YouTube Channel

The YouTube channel will be the place to access all sorts of amazing content! There will be playlists for Youth & Young Adults, Children, Under 5's, Seminars and more. Find our channel here and subscribe.


Church buildings may be closed at the moment but the church is bursting out all over the place on line!  Here are a few suggestions you might want to check out...

John Pickering 3240337555978554/ 

St Johns Walton 2584198698575999/?t=424 

Methodist Church fbclid=IwAR2svVUFoLBGTPcmipxrFbOr-GjtUJ69i1fLVP0jwyiN4dYnCCSm61tbLw 

St Thomas Church Brampton view_as=subscriber CVM 

SofP Farmer in Hereford 


Grace Chapel 

Walton Evangelical t=16


Unfortunately both School & Street Pastors are currently on furlough due to the current situation. As soon as the lockdown is lifted they will need extra volunteers trained up ready for going back into their workplaces.

Anyone wishing to find out more about how to be a volunteer please contact the coordinator, Jacky Kendrew:

Phone: 01246 345750 or 07834 821067




John Bown our intrepid ex Police Chief, Local Preacher, Street Pastor, etc. has been weighting people on Facebook with his Daily Corona Diary. With stories from the past, present and lots of humour, John has been faithfully regaling us with words of wisdom from his farm based home in the Peak. Margaret his long suffering wife features now and again, as do members of his family and church. We say “carry on John in the wee small hours when sleep evades you bring us joy and hope”. God bless you!


Zoom, Stream & Virtual!

Hello everybody,

Ian Birchmore and I have had quite a chat this afternoon. He encouraged me greatly by telling me
how some of the Nightshelter Guests are in accommodation,- some in a tenancy, others in B&B (with rent paid by public funds). CAB is apparently still open, while many other offices are closed. Pathways suffered damage, and are working from home. The Foodbanks are functioning, albeit differently. Gussie’s kitchen is part of the volunteer network taking food and groceries out. I know (because I live in Walton) that Walton St Johns and Walton Evangelical have jointly been offering shopping and other friendship in the Walton area. All good!

We know that a number of churches are managing to Zoom or Stream or whatever, so that ‘life is going on’. One of the Lent housegroups kept meeting via Zoom. But we could hear more good stories, with a view to letting more people know what is often worth knowing about. What is your church doing? do tell the story

When I last wrote, I touched on the fact that we are due an AGM Forum on June 1st.   If it is a correct rumour that churches may be among the last activities to be ‘unlocked’, since we do often bring quite a number of people together, it may be that we can meet on June 1st only by Zoom?   Please respond to tell us whether we should try to do that – or not.   Other bodies, like Synods and Church Councils, are managing to function this way (and I was part of a 30-strong national meeting last week, which gave me, as a by-product, sight and sound of an old friend in together Working for Chesterfield May 2020 Support Information Let the peace of Christ keep you in tune with each other. None of this going off and doing your own thing. And cultivate thankfulness. Colossians 3:17 The Message Scotland). Please guide us on this within this month, because big preparations will be called for. 

 My challenge last time was to think in terms of visiting new households (and I have started work on this with Rev Daniel Cooke at Brimington). Can we also get stuck in to greater effect with Mental Health, which has become more important lately, and address more obviously that in the present crisis, poorer people and ethnic minorities have had a harder time. God bless you all, especially in the present circumstances.

Paul King - Chair CTFC

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