Thursday, 9 May 2019


Come and enjoy breakfast at Hasland Methodist Church on Tuesday 14th May 9-11 am.

Raising funds for Christian Aid Week

Thursday, 25 April 2019


New Life Church is delighted to be hosting Andrew Murray this weekend.  
You may already have commitments on Sunday morning but how about coming to hear Andrew either on Saturday evening or at Cafe Church on Sunday evening?  You will not disappointed.  Andrew has a gift for teaching God's word and has seen many amazing things happen as God works through his ministry.  Everyone welcome and please bring your friends.
Saturday 27th April 7.30 pm  at New Life IgniteHolmebrook Valley Family Centre, off Wardgate Way, Holme Hall
Sunday 28th April 10.30 am at New Life Church, Winding Wheel, Holywell St, Chesterfield
Sunday 28th April 6 pm at Cafe Church, The Compass, West Bars, Chesterfield
Generation Builders is the ministry of Andrew Murray and was formed in January 2015. After 13 years working in local church ministry, Andrew was released to travel as an evangelist and so Generation Builders was formed.
The heart and passion of Generation Builders is to reach a generation with the good news of Jesus Christ and Andrew travels extensively through the United Kingdom and also has a growing ministry in the USA. In addition he takes teams on mission around the world holding gospel crusades and revival services in several nations.  In every Generation Builders service, Jesus Christ is the central theme, and a clear message of a crucified, resurrected and glorified Saviour is always proclaimed.
As well as his gospel preaching, Andrew is also known for his teaching ministry and many of our services are aimed at believers being drawn into a closer encounter with God and understanding their identity in Christ.  Generation Builders has a passion for the local church and is a cross-denominational ministry, working in churches of various backgrounds, streams and networks.

Andrew is currently a member of Revive Church, a multi-site church based in East Yorkshire led by Jarrod Cooper. Andrew ministers regularly at the church and also is the director of the Revive Church College.
Andrew is married to Laura and they have two children Judah and Asher.


I saw Philippa Hannah recently performing as part of Grace Chapel's 10th Anniversary celebration and was reminded just what a great performer she is.  If you are a fan of her honest, country style music interspersed with her faith story then maybe you might be interested in these dates:

Tuesday 30th April  Philippa is supporting the Kingdom Choir (they sang at Harry & Megan's
wedding) at Sheffield City Hall.  Tickets from Ticketmaster start at £40.30.

Sunday 5th May  As above with the Kingdom Choir but at the Theatre Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham.  Tickets start at £25

If you are going to the One Event at Lincolnshire Showground this year Philippa will be performing on Saturday August 24th in the big top.


Hope For Life Ministries are organising a Pea and Pie Supper at Central Pentecostal Church on Saturday April 27th 6.30pm for 6.45pm.
Tickets £6 including dessert and tea/coffee.  Raising funds for this year's Whit Walk 
More information and tickets available from Pamela Gratton on 01246 851703. 



Thursday May 16th  7.30pm Rose Hill URC. 

If at all possible please send representatives from your church – as many as you like - so that you can ask questions, raise any concerns, get the information you need and share your experiences / good ideas with others. The more that churches can share ideas and swap experiences the better. You will be able to collect material that your church needs for the Procession, including advertising posters, colour themed balloons - (yellow orange, white and red) - programmes and the ‘Guidance for Churches’ booklet with instructions ,timings and tips about how to get the most out of the ‘Whit Walks’ on Spring Bank Holiday Monday morning.



Already some children have started on this challenge through Messy Church but there is still plenty of time for everyone of school age to take part whether they can be here for The Procession or not.

All that’s involved is to draw and colour a scene from the life of Jesus so that the drawings fit this year’s theme: ‘Jesus: The Servant King’. It might be the feeding of the 5,000, Jesus healing the blind and the lame or visiting the unpopular tax collector. It could be Jesus telling stories of others who showed kindness such as The Good Samaritan or The Prodigal Son. The choice is very wide. The instructions are simple:
1) Please use either A4 or A5 sheets of paper
2) Colours: Crayon, paint or pencil drawings acceptable.
 3) Names: Either at the bottom right hand corner of the drawing or on the back - if part of a Sunday School or Messy Church please also add the name of the church involved .
4) The finished drawing should be handed in at the Cornerstone Coffee Shop at Central Methodist Church or brought to Rose Hill URC for the Procession Briefing at 7.30pm on Thursday May 16th . If neither date suits your situation please e-mail us on to arrange an alternative.
5) It would be helpful if all drawings could be in by Tuesday May 20th so that they can be properly displayed. We shall try our best to include late entries but we cannot guarantee to do so.



Friday, 29 March 2019


Loundsley Green Community Trust Job Opportunity: 
Community Centre Manager


Loundsley Green Community Trust (LGCT) is a non-profit community development trust, led by local volunteer residents. We operate a community centre & associated services. The shape of these are controlled by local people through a monthly open community meeting & quarterly trustees’ meeting. These ensure that the trust provides the services that residents need. Any profits made by the community trust are returned to the local area through provision of subsidised space or community services/facilities. 

LGCT was formed in 2010 to take on & convert a disused church for community use. Since then, use of the community centre has grown substantially. We are now in the process of finalising a lease for the adjoining house & garden, in order to extend the centre. This will provide additional meeting/training facilities and will also enable us to open 5 small office/treatment spaces for local people to start businesses. Our expansion means that we will need additional management effort to make the changes & run the expanded centre.

Job Description 

This job role is to take a lead in expanding & running the community centre’s operations and will include these specific tasks:
 • Oversee day to day operations of the centre
 • Lead on the effective marketing of our community facilities & business startup spaces; working with our volunteer team to ensure we have an good website & social media 
• Provide line management & leadership for our caretaking and cleaning staff, to support them in ensuring that people using the centre have a quality experience 
• Deal with complaints or praise about the centre, passing it on to trustees or others where required 
• Keep a record of our volunteers and log of volunteer training needs / provision
 • Work with our treasurer to ensure that the trust remains financially sustainable • Ensure that there is someone available to call if things go wrong (mobile phone supplied)
 • Work with our existing bookings volunteer to ensure that the centre is well used
 • Identify possible changes / improvements to the trust’s facilities/services; in order to deliver this, identify & cost potential suppliers - seeking appropriate trustee approvals 
• Conduct procurement & management of contractors when making changes to the centre 
• Manage delivery of change projects, ensuring completion on time / to required standard, while minimising disruption to users
• Work with trustees, who will set strategy based on the manager’s operational input Hours: 14 hours (2 days) per week - may be later extended depending on future growth Remuneration: £22,500 per annum pro rata (£9,000 actual) Payment of 10% of salary provided in lieu of pension scheme provision.

Person Specification

• Interested & knowledgeable about our local community 
• Some understanding of the needs of new businesses 
• Basic project management skills
 • Good literacy, numeracy & IT skills 
• Capable at marketing with physical, digital & social media 
• You’ll be working for and with volunteers, whose time may be limited and may not be consistently available. Flexibility, empathy & support for others are highly important.
• Friendly & welcoming to customers & potential volunteers 
• Good communication & facilitation skills 
• Good team worker 
• Organised & trustworthy administrator with good paperwork & filing skills 
• Flexible approach to work within the constraints of a community project 
• Financially astute when costing items for sale or discussing potential costs 
• Good at building community within a group of people
 • Line management skills 
• Basic procurement skills
 • Access to transport would be beneficial

To apply 

Please send your CV with a covering letter & two references by email to You will be asked before we contact your references. The closing date is 26th April 2019 at 5pm. We are expecting to interview on Tuesday 7th May. If you have any questions, please contact Simon Redding on the above email, or by phone/text on 0741 999 1484

Wednesday, 27 March 2019


Meeting of the Enabling Group of 
Christians Together for Chesterfield
Monday April 8th 7.30 pm
Central Methodists (use the side door for access)

Visitors Welcome

We will be discussing recent events, looking to events in the short term and bigger plans ahead.  We need your input and ideas so please join us if you can.


Carlton Brass Band Leading Whit Walk 2019
Monday 27th May

In an age when it is very difficult to hire Brass Bands we are delighted that the Nottingham based Carlton Brass will lead our Procession. Carlton Brass is a high-flying band, now in the 1st Section National Grading and it is with great anticipation that we look forward to welcoming them.

 We are always pleased to welcome back our old friends from Ashover Brass Band who have served us so well for ten years now. While they are no longer a marching band they will be playing on a certain section of the route (details later) and after The Procession they will entertain people going into Rose Hill URC for tea or coffee. 

The Procession’s own Worship Band will again provide the music for the singing at The Town Hall and thanks are due to Phil Cornell and Helen Schofield for their organisation. There are five hymns/songs altogether two of which were chosen by those present at the Launch Night, completing a great mix of the new and the tried and tested. You can look forward to a good sing before we set off and when we arrive back at The Town Hall . 

This year’s hymns/songs are: ‘To God be the glory’, ‘The Servant King’, ’10,000 Reasons’ , ‘The Splendour of the King’ and a new song to a familiar tune - ‘ O Father you created us’ - written especially for The Procession by our current President: James Dickinson. Get practising ! 

Two final pieces of this musical jigsaw are still needed. First piece: we are trying to get a Salvation Army Band to join us on The Procession. Second piece: to complete the musical side of our act of witness, it would be good to have a live band who can play modern worship songs en route round the town and a flat back truck to place them in. If anyone out there can help, please get in touch at


Saturday 30th March

Coffee Morning Fundraiser for                              Whit Walk 2019

Hasland Methodist Church
10.00 - 12 noon

Wednesday, 6 March 2019


Procession of Witness 2019 
Jesus the Servant King

Look above and there are no prizes for guessing the colours for this year’s ‘Whit Walks’ or to be more correct Procession of Witness: yellow, white, orange and perhaps a dash of red thrown in for good measure. So search those wardrobes and drawers and get your outfit ready for Procession 2019 on Spring Bank Holiday : May 27th

It will be great to see the Whitsuntide colours in the crowds filling the space in front of Chesterfield Town Hall ready for the short opening service which begins at 9.45am.

 Once again we have to thank the Mayor and Chesterfield Borough Council for allowing us to have the freedom of the streets as we bear witness to our belief in Jesus Christ. Let us all, whatever our usual style of worship, come together to seize this opportunity to reach out to the people of Chesterfield and to visitors with a message of hope grounded in the love of Christ.

 ! Additional help is needed for the marshalls who have many jobs to do before the churches arrive in town, during the Procession around the route and afterwards clearing the front of the Town Hall . Please ask for volunteers from your church and contact John Tranter, Chief Marshall and a member of Whittington Moor Methodist Church as soon as possible by e-mailing:

Wednesday March 20th – 7.30pm Rose Hill URC. Please send representatives from your church – as many as you like - so that you get all the up to date information you need and also so that your church has a say in the planning stages. Above: Crowds gather in front of the Town Hall in readiness for The Procession to be led by The Mayor and The President of Christian Education: Chesterfield.

We all respond to visual images and the crowds on Bank Holiday Monday are no exception. Please have a go at producing a tableau . You don’t have to be a brilliant artist or to have a degree in product design as you will find out at the Launch Night (March 20th ) when experiences will be shared. It is good to have the tableau on a lorry or van but if your church can’t get one why not try a walking tableau as several churches have done in recent years. Again there will be people at the Launch Night who have done both and will offer advice.

This year’s theme gives maximum scope in terms of what you choose to portray. It could be a biblical scene showing Jesus as a teacher or healer or a modern day version showing the work that is done through the Holy Spirit in His name. The hope is that those watching will be made to stop, think and ponder about the ways in which Jesus, the ‘servant king’, shows us how to live.

Questions, suggestions, ideas etc. please e-mail: We should love to hear from you. There will be an update on preparations and a report from the Launch Night ( March 20th ) in the next newsletter in April. Please let us know what you are planning so that we can include your church in the programme.

Friday, 1 March 2019


Men's Breakfast - Saturday, 16 March - 'From Derry to Derbyshire'
Our speaker at the next Men's Breakfast 
at Central Methodist Church, Saltergate 
on Saturday 16 March at 8.30 am 
will be Rev Sean Adair, 
Superintendent Minister of the Bolsover and Staveley Methodist Circuit.
Please come along to enjoy cooked breakfast and a friendly welcome. 

It would be helpful, but not essential, for catering purposes to notify Brian Offiler (01246 234707; if you are planning to come. We look forward to seeing you.
Many thanks for your help. 

Best wishes.

Brian Offiler
01246 234707

Tuesday, 12 February 2019


 Organisers were delighted that 40 people turned up for the initial planning meeting for this year's Whit Walk.  Such is the heart of the church in Chesterfield to make this event a terrific witness to our Saviour.  Many ideas were put forward to make this the best procession of witness ever.  We want it to be joyful, full of bright colours and music - a true reflection of the abundant life we have in Jesus.  If you missed the meeting and would like your church to be involved this year contact Chris with your details so that you can be kept in the loop.

Could your church music group get involved?  We need more music!  Playing and singing on the back of a lorry is an experience that awaits. If you have never tried it how about giving it a go?

Could your Sunday School, Messy Church, Youth Group get involved in producing a walking tableau demonstrating what Jesus means to them?  It can be a lot of fun and a good team building exercise to work together on a project.

Please encourage everyone you know to get involved.  This will be the 169th consecutive year that we have had occasion to witness in this way.  Help us to make the most of this opportunity.



Derbyshire Voluntary Action Connect 2 Self Care vacancy
Are you a dynamic community worker with a real asset-based approach to tackling loneliness and social isolation?
Can you make a real and long-lasting difference to the lives of people living in Chesterfield? 
Are you passionate about creating positive opportunities for people? 
If so, we want to hear from you!
The Connect to Self Care Service (C2SC)* will support clients who are lonely, isolated or are at risk of developing, or living with a long-term health condition. This unique service will work holistically to increase people’s social and physical activity; and help increase emotional and practical support within the community of Chesterfield. The C2SC team will work as part of an integrated system to improve people’s social connectivity, health and wellbeing. The service will also enable GPs and other health and care professionals to connect their patients to a range of non-clinical and community support services.
*Connect to Self Care (C2SC) Chesterfield is an enhanced social prescribing and self-care service, which includes:
1.         Community Navigators - based in the community, providing social prescribing support in local hubs and GP practices and face-to-face support to individuals to access social, community and voluntary services.  
2.         Social Connectors (volunteers) - provide support by directly assisting clients to engage with existing community activity and identifying opportunities for community-based social contact. Supported and managed by a Community Coordinator.
3.         A Support and Outcomes Officer.
The Community Coordinator will be passionate about reducing loneliness and isolation, increasing physical activity, building resilience, increasing financial stability and supporting the development of social networks.  They will do this by recruiting local people to a team of volunteer Social Connectors, and support them to change lives by making best use of their personal qualities, skills and experience to inspire and support local people to achieve their goals.
This post is subject to an enhanced level DBS check. 

Contact below for application pack:
Derbyshire Voluntary Action
Offices 2a - 2c, The Market Hall
Chesterfield, England S40 1AR
United Kingdom
01246 555908

Closing date for applications: 12.30pm Friday 1st March
Interview date: Monday 11th March



Reflection and Celebration of Life 

We wish to invite you to the Reflection and Celebration of Life event
on Wednesday 27th February 2019 at 6.00pm
at the Crooked Spire, Church of St Mary and All Saints, Church Way, Chesterfield S40 1XJ

Names of victims of over 100 victims who have died of asbestos related diseases from the East Midlands will be projected onto the Archway of the “Crooked Spire” as a poignant remembrance and awareness-raising event.

Following the projection, there will be a reflection in the Crooked Spire, with speeches, poems and music.

Refreshments will be served.

Nearest Car Parks are • Best Car park St Mary's Gate, Chesterfield S41 7TJ – the Crooked Spire is opposite this car park. • Alternative Spa Lane Car Park, Chesterfield S41 7XB

Please send completed Booking Form to DAST, 34 Glumangate, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S40 1TX. Alternatively you can email us at or call us on 01246 380415 to let us know you are coming

The event has been sponsored with thanks to UNISON, UNITE, GMB and FBU



The Presentation of our Lord in the Temple Sunday 17th February 6.30pm
at Hasland Methodist Church

Thursday, 31 January 2019



Recruiting Apply now! Deadline for applications midday 31st January
Derby City Mission's 'SAFE SPACE'
Derby City Mission is recruiting for ‘Safe Space’, a new initiative providing a place where we will welcome a cohort of ‘known’ entrenched rough sleepers and encourage engagement to address the causes of their homelessness and seek positive change.  We believe in providing a high quality service to our homeless guests, many of whom have a range of support needs such as alcohol/drug dependency and mental health issues, based on a Christian ethos of love and compassion.

Safe space will operate from one central location 7 days a week, 24 hours a day covered by various shift rotations and, as Derby City Mission employees, you will be working in partnership with two other key agencies in the city who also value this vulnerable people group.
Roles available
There are different roles available and you can access all the details of each role, including responsibilities and pay by clicking on the links below:
application form for all roles 
To apply for any of the roles, you can access our standard application form by clicking on the link below:
Next Steps
Key Dates
  • Application closing date: 31 January 2019 12pm
  • Expected Interview dates: 6 & 7 February 2019
  • Initial mandatory training date: 1-2 days week commencing 25 February 2019*
* We appreciate that you may still be serving your notice period, please inform us at interview
Phil Morton
Head of Relief of Poverty
Derby City Mission Limited
25 Charnwood Street, Derby, DE1 2GU
Tel - 01332 460346
Mobile - 07870 737183


Men's Breakfast - Saturday, 16 February - 'Welcome at the Table'
Our speaker at the next Men's Breakfast at Central Methodist Church, Salergate on Saturday 16 February at 8.30 am will be Ian White who will update us on some of the Micah 6:8 projects providing practical support for the peoples of the Middle East. Ian will have some Micah 6:8 olive wood materials for sale.  
Please come along to enjoy cooked breakfast and a friendly welcome.
It would be helpful, but not essential, for catering purposes to notify Brian Offiler (01246 234707; if you are planning to come. We look forward to seeing you.


There is to be a collection on behalf of Christian Aid on 22nd February 8am to 6pm at Tesco Extra (by Chesterfield Football Ground). Volunteers are sought for one hour/2 hour shifts. If you can help please could you contact the organisers, Graham or Alison Wells, at  or 01246 566257. 

Tuesday, 29 January 2019



Lighthouse Homes is a local charity working with homeless people. We are looking to recruit to two full time positions of
 Project Manager

Based at Rotherham and Chesterfield- Salary to be agreed
We are looking for resilient managers to lead our staff teams at Rotherham and Chesterfield Lighthouse projects.
We are a faith based organisation accommodating homeless people, with a focus on those facing substance misuse issues. We are offering more than a bed to our residents. We support people in the stabilisation, change and growth process.
Are you able to lead a project, working alongside people with multiple needs? We are looking for committed Christians, with a care background, able to work within all traditions of the church.
If this sounds like you, we would like to hear from you.Informal contact/discussion welcome with Geraldine Pearce, Chief Executive, Lighthouse Homes 01709 364600 or 07534 653229 Application pack from Maggie Morris
Closing date for applications Thursday 14th February. Interviews Tuesday 19th February. 

Thursday, 24 January 2019


Hello All,

I am writing on behalf of Christian Education: Chesterfield Secretary Mavis Plumtree who is recovering from illness. Please remember her in your prayers.

There will be a forum to discuss plans for the 2019 Procession of Witness (Whit Walks), on Monday February 11th  at 7.30pm at Rose Hill URC. Members of all the churches in Chesterfield and district are welcome.

Please come along and help us to shape this year’s celebration. Feel free to invite anyone that you think might be interested. The aim is to involve as many people as possible in the planning stages so as to make sure that we make an effective Act of Witness on the day.  We hope that The Procession will once again be an effective celebration of God’s love and that it will benefit from large numbers walking , many decorated floats on lorries & trailers , some walking tableaux and indeed spectacle of any kind . 

The CE:C need your help tho give the occasion a  vibrant feel that can convey,  through the power of the Holy Spirit,  a clear message to the people of our town and to visitors who turn out and watch.

Please do your best to invite members of your church to come along at 7.30pm to Rose Hill URC

Best wishes and thank-you in advance for your help and support.

Chris Townsend  ( Ex-Officio Member of CE:C )

Monday, 21 January 2019


We have advanced ticket bookings now that will fill the available seats Ballroom for this concert.

Monday, 14 January 2019

Event Cancelled - JEFF LUCAS TOUR

***Sorry this event now cancelled***

Hi Everyone,

Just giving you a heads up that speaker and author Jeff Lucas is appearing in a theatrical production of the story of Barnabas called “There Are No Ordinary People" on Saturday 30 March 7.15pm at Outwood Academy Newbold.  Open to all, can buy tickets online £10.50pp.  See link below for more details and to book in.  Doors will open at 6.55pm.

Please advertise amongst your churches.  I will be receiving more details next week in the form of flyers etc that I can get out to you.